Akismet WordPress Plugin Configure Kaise Kare Step by Step Guide Hindi Me

How to install and Configure Akismet WordPress Plugin with free api. WordPress is the best platform for blogging. If you have created a website on WordPress, you will be able to receive comments on your post. But sometimes along with genuine comments, a lot of spam comments also come.

Spam comments can harm your WordPress website. That’s why Akismet anti-spam plugin is a must have plugin in WordPress. Yes, I know the basic plugin for WordPress. Akismet filters real and spam comments coming to the blog and moves spam comments to the spam folder.

If you have not yet seen the blog’s spam folder, then do so. Akismet WordPress plugin is one of the most downloaded and popular plugin. Which is pre-installed on WordPress sites but not configured.

Today in this guide we will know in Hindi what is Akismet and why is it necessary for WordPress sites. If you are new to WordPress then you can install plugins by reading our article. From this article we will also tell you how to install and configure Akismet WordPress plugin for free.


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