WP Smush Review: Image Compressor WordPress Plugin

Today I am sharing with you the review of free WordPress plugin WP Smush. But first let’s talk a little about image optimization. You all know that a blog post is incomplete without a beautiful and optimized image. Newbies may be confused about how to compress images in WordPress. So you must read this post.

Whenever we talk about a blog post we have to have at least one image. You have learned that loading time is also a factor in search engine optimization. If you do not optimize your images properly then you can increase the page speed.

There are many reasons for slowing down website speed, one of them is not optimizing images properly. Uploading images without compressing is a big mistake of a newbie.

We all know that images take time to load. And do not keep images in the content as it creates negative points for SEO. There is a very simple solution for this in WordPress – plugins.

WP Smush it – Image Compressor WordPress Plugin Hindi Mein Information
This plugin is most useful for compressing images in WordPress. This is a completely free plugin. Which you can download by clicking here.

WP Smush plugin makes blog post images SEO friendly by compressing them without losing quality. If you see that 500,000+ users are using this plugin. So you can see the popularity of the plugin.

Suppose you have uploaded 100kb size image in the blog post, it creates negative impact in SEO. But with the help of this plugin the maximum size of this image will be 20 – 30kb. This page will also open quickly and will get positive reply in SEO also.

How to Install WP Smush it WordPress Plugin
First of all, go to your WordPress dashboard, click on plugins >> Add New. Search WP Smush from the search box. If you are new to WordPress then you can easily install WordPress plugin by reading our post.


The main message here is that you have installed and activated your WP Smush plugin.

Now you will see Media option on WordPress dashboard and your WP Smush option will be enabled there. You have to click on Media >> WP Smush.


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